"I truly believe that Jeremy Delicino is one of the best attorney’s in the world. I had a federal drug case with no minimum mandatories, but l had my guidelines that were 27 to 33 months. At sentencing, Jeremy argued for a sentence below my guidelines and time served. I did 16 months. I never ever saw a yard and Jeremy also got back every piece of property that the DEA seized from me, cars, Harley, and money in my bank account. The DEA agent that arrested me got so mad that I was released and that l got time served. He went down to Utah County and filed several new felonies against me that stemmed from my federal case. I told Jeremy about the new charges. Jeremy never asked me for a dime. No money at all and Jeremy went down to my first court date and within a few months got the case in Utah County dismissed. That shows you what kind of person and attorney Jeremy Delicino is. He was not going to stand back and let them railroad me and give me more time. Jeremy, I truly believe that if there were more attorneys like you, there would be less people in prison and more people doing a lot less time. You are truly the best attorney out there and I just want to say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond for me, when you did not know me at all”. You would think that with everything you have done for me, that I was family or somehow related to you. In fact, I just met you for the first time in my life when you were appointed to me for my federal case. I totally recommend that anybody that’s facing any serious charges to get a hold of you right away so that they don’t get screwed and put away for a long time. Thanks again to you and your staff for getting me home to my children."