"I met Jeremy at the lowest point in my life. After my humiliating arrest, and the seeming end of my life, I won the public attorney lottery when by chance Jeremy was awarded my case. I was told in consultation with previous attorneys that my case was open and shut. The government had enough to convict, and that I was facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in federal prison. Jeremy made all the difference in my case and had a huge impact on my life. In an attempt to keep this short and helpful, here are some of the things Jeremy did that made me believe he is the best attorney I could have ever had representing me:

  1. Jeremy was always very frank with me, but never in a judgmental way.
  2. Jeremy set my expectations appropriately for each phase of my case, counseling me, but always giving me the pro’s and con’s to the different choices he presented to me.
  3. Jeremy showed a confidence in my ability to prove myself to the judge, and gave me lots of ideas of things I could do to help my situation.
  4. Jeremy kept pushing court dates as long as he could so I would have more time to show the judge who I am and my willingness to do whatever it takes to prove I would never offend again.
  5. Jeremy went way beyond my expectations and secured authorization for me to get evaluations and participate in treatment programs. He requested additional resources to hire outside experts to testify in my case.

The end result to all of the years of time Jeremy spent on my case, was that I received a non-prison sentence. The prosecutor and the judge both agreed that they had never seen a case like mine not result in a non-prison sentence.

A few months ago, I met with Jeremy in the courtroom for the last time as the Judge released me from my five years of probation after serving just over two years of that sentence.

I have such a gratitude for Jeremy and the time he spent on my case rather than simply moving me through the system. I ran into Jeremy a week ago while I was at lunch with co-workers, and felt like I’d ran into an old friend. My family and I will forever be grateful for Jeremy."