"Having had such a close attorney/client relationship with Mr. Delicino I feel I can give a very objective view of the type of individual that Jeremy is both professionally and personally. My story begins with looking at a possible 20 year minimum manditory federal prison term. Jeremy took the time to listen to my side of the story, unlike many appointed public defenders. Based upon what I told him, Mr. Delicino developed one of the finest legal defense strategies I have ever witnessed. His keen sense of legal expertise was shown throughout the duration of my case. Keeping in mind that he was appointed counsel, is the earmark of how serious he takes his profession. He fought harder than any lawyer I have ever seen at ANY price, and yet the meager defender fee is all he ever received for my representation.

I personally witnessed his examination of government witnesses that led those persons into actually committing perjury due to his direct, factual type of questioning.

Now instead of the 20 years minimum in federal prison, Jeremy was able to negotiate a plea bargain that secured my release with time served and probation. It could well be that I owe Jeremy my life that appeared to be spent in prison, but instead Jeremy humbly tries to give credit anywhere other than himself.

Since my release I have also found what a dynamic non-judgmental friend he is as well. Quick to return any call, he has shown his dedication far beyond the call of duty as an attorney. He is one of a kind and I would recommend that his services be secured for anyone tha faces the oftentimes uncertain gauntlet the federal criminal system provides."

Curt – Yahoo Review